German Government still supports Iran

Wow what a week, German chancler Angela Merkel and her cabinet had a joint session with the Israeli government and as usual it was fruitful and friendly and Mrs. Merkel  declared that she supports new sanctions against Iran, she even compared Iran with the nazis. Wow strong statements, good news. The only question is why her administration is still supporting in different fields the german special relations with Iran. A few examples:

German Ministry for Education and Research

Germany supports the urban development of the city of Hashtgerd in the framework of the Young Cities project, which is initiated and financed by the German Ministry for Education and Research. The ministry finance support for this project is 6.3 million Euros ! What an amount for a project in a country which is comparable with the Nazis according to Mrs. Merkel. And the list of partners in this project shows the most reputable german reasearch organizations and association, like the Technical University Berlin, the association of the construction industry Berlin-Brandenburg, the vocational training institute of this association and last but not least the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Architecture and Software Technology.  Nice setup for future business development: The ministry pays, the researchers contribute and the german construction industry gets a share in the Iranian market.

German Ministry of Economics

The guys of this ministry take care about german business interest, doesn’t matter if the boss Merkel compares Iran with the Nazis. Just look at the e-trade-center of this ministry. It is so easy, you just enter “Iran” in the search field and you get 52 entries for businesses with Iran.

You need more ? No problem the guide for Iran business of the German-Iranian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK) will help you in all aspects. From help to get a hotel for your trip to Iran to all aspects of Trade with Iran you get help, all financed by the ministry.

German Ministry for Economical Cooperation

Another good business in Iran is water, wastewater and everything connected to it. So Germany takes care about it. German Water Partnership is the ministry financed answer to it . Wow this is a pretty exclusive club of just 15 countries worldwide who get the benefit of german knowledge and money. Guess who is among them ? Our Nazi like Iran.

It is nice if Mrs. Merkel tries to convince german companies to limit businesses with Iran, but perhaps she should change first the policy of her own government.

Stop the Bomb!


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