German Chamber in Iran breaks EU-sanctions

The German-Iran Chamber of Industry (AHK Iran), a part of the worldwide network of German bilateral Chambers abroad of the German Association of Chambers of Commerce (DIHK) cooperates with the Industrial Management Institute (IMI) an educational institute owned by the “Industrial Development and Renovation Organisation (IDRO) sanctioned and blacklisted by the European Union. Despite the fact that the EU in regulation 668/2010 freezes all assets of IDRO and its subsidiaries and bans any activity of the organisation which “controls various companies involved in work for the nuclear and missile programs and involved in procurement ” (EU 668/2010) the chamber cooperates with IMI in the field of MBA training courses for Iranian Topmanagers. The IDRO owned industrial management institute is the “selected academic regional partner in Iran” of the Chamber of Commerce. The public financed German-Iran Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Iran announced now a new MBA-programm in Tehran which targets governmental and privat sector Topmanagers to “Access a Unique Business Management and Academic Network Business Interactive Environment”. The master studying courses with professors from the German University of Wuerzburg offers: ” Effective Networking; getting direct access to the unique International business network of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK and IHK) with more then 6.600 experts and 49 branches world-wide”. Worth to mention that the Industrial Management Institute is one of the main and most influential part of IDRO because beside the academic studies they did more than 2500 consulting projects with private and governmental entities. The German-Iran Chamber of Commerce in Tehran is the official trade promotion organisation of the German government in Iran financed by the German Ministry of Economics.


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