German exports to Iran up 11.5%

The germany based Free Iran Now network  quoted yesterday the  sincere doubts of experts if the new sanctions on Iran would really bite and force the regime in Tehran to change the political pass of suppression against the iranian people. At the same day the German-Iran Chamber in Hamburg published its newest figures about German Exports to Iran. The figures show an increase of 11,5% of the exports from Germany to the sanctioned Mullah-regime.

At the same time the vice-president of the of the German-Iran Chamber of Industry Tehran Ghazanfari confirms against german journalists: ” The sanctions don’t lead to anything“.  The two sister chambers are obviously not convinced that the time booming exports to Iran are over.

The statements come at a time where two cases show that German companies are ready to support the islamistic regime far beyond anything which is covered by german or european laws.  According to the German newsmagazine “Spiegel”  Siemens products were stopped by the German customs because the parts should contribute via Russia to the Iranian nuclear power plant in Bushehr.

The police caught a company in Cologne which sold 30 airplane engines to Iran via Dubai, which should be used for the drone aircraft project of the Iranian regime.

The new sanctions will have to show very fast to be effective otherwise the only “bite” is the bite of German companies in the big cake of German-Iran business and again the people of Iran will experience how human rights and freedom will be sold for an economical advantage.


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    […] German exports to Iran up 11.5% 13. August 2010 — Thomas v. der Osten-Sacken Gastbeitrag […]

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