False statement of german official about exports to Iran

NGO blasts increase in German-Iran trade


08/17/2010 05:11 The Jerusalem Post

BERLIN – The German chapter of Stop the Bomb on Monday slammed Germany’s government and industry for rewarding “the [Islamic] regime’s rampant terror against the Iranian freedom movement.” It alleged that economic statistics indicated Germany continued to increase its trade in recent months with Iran.Trade boomed in May, according to the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce in Hamburg. German exports (€295 million) to Iran increased by 26 percent as compared to the same month in 2009. Imports soared by 34%.

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However, Tobias Pierlings, a spokesman for the German Economics Ministry, wrote to the Post on Monday that “the remaining trade with Iran does not endanger Israel’s security” because it only involves the export of civilian products that require permits. “Beyond the existing sanctions, the federal government actively advises against trade with Iran in the energy sector within the framework of the discouragement strategy,” he said.

“The trade statistics on a monthly and quarterly basis are subject to heavy fluctuations. It is therefore not a suitable basis for statements on long-term tendencies. Looked at over the course of years, German exports to Iran have been declining overall,” he said.

Comment from Irangermany:

According to the official statistical german office destatis the german exports to Iran are since 2004 on a record level. The spokesman of the german ministry of economy is wrong his “framework of the discouragement strategy” produces top exports results for German companies and a strong support for the regime in Iran:


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